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Discover our amazing entree of delicious Italian cusine

No. Product Name Price Details Image
1 Lamb Biryani [Non-Veg.] $15.00 Aromatic saffron basmati rice, slow cooked with lamb & spices
2 Chicken Biryani [Non-Veg.] $15.00 Flavored basmati rice, slow cooked with marinate chicken
3 Shrimp Biryani $15.00 Flavorful combination of slow cooked basmati rice & shrimp, garnished with aromatic herbs
4 Vegetable Biryani [Veg.] $13.00 Delicious sautéed rice and mixed vegetable sizzler
5 Zafrani Rice [Veg.] $13.00 Basmatirice cooked in a sweet and rich blend of spices and nuts